10/21/21 - Hello everyone, we're coming up on the end of October and I wanted to provide you with an update. On Halloween, we still plan to have to have a spooky selection of tunes lined up for you all so sit back and relax and brace yourselves!

On another note, we're still updating the website and the chat will be offline for awhile. The updates should be completed between the end of this month and maybe beginning of next month. Stay tuned in.

9/17/21 - Hello listeners, here's another update for you guys. It seems that the website will be going through some major changes in the coming months. We will be updating the layout along with some changes involving the radio. We will also be removing our newsletter in our changes since it has a low amount of signups and interest.

We also have a spooky selection of tunes and songs lined up for Halloween on our station! Stay tuned!

8/20/21 - Hello listeners, I just wanted to provide another update. The chat issue with the mirror url has be corrected if anyone had issues with the bug. Also, our newsletter is still planned to mail out in 2 weeks.

We have some special things planned on the schedule this holiday season so stay locked in with us!

7/30/21 - Hello guys, here's what has been going on recently. First off, we had to make a slight change to the schedule. Danganronpa will now be moved to next week and was replaced with a variety mix day. Another thing is that there was a change to our url which is now https instead of http.

Newsletters will go out on the 1st of the month like usual. We are also thinking about starting streams on Twitch soon so make sure you stay up to date with us.

7/9/21 - Here's a quick update for you all. Next week, we'll be focusing on Variety Mixes again and the schedule will be updated on the 12th. Also, the newsletter went out on the 1st so check your spam if you haven't received it!

I hope you guys enjoyed your Independence day this past week if you live in the US! More updates to come in the coming weeks!

6/25/21 - Hello everyone, I just wanted to update you guys. The schedule has been updated once again and our mixes have been changed to include more remixes and soundtracks from recently released games. Next week, we will be focusing more on music from RPGs.

Another thing is that we will be updating our free chat room to include more recent fixes in the next few weeks. I hope you guys enjoyed E3 last week!

6/12/21 - Hello guys! Next week, we will be focusing on Variety Mixes and the schedule has been changed to reflect it. We also recieved an email about viewing the player on mobile. To view the player, you need to tap or click the song name and it will load for you. If you are having additional issues, feel free to contact us.

We are still looking forward to games announced at E3 2021. We will also continue to add any soundtracks from any new games that are announced in the future.

6/6/21 - This coming week we will be focusing on fighting game songs and tunes so the schedule has been updated. We also have sent out our newsletter last week so be sure to sign up if you've missed it!

On another note, I hope you guys are as excited about E3 as we are! We'll always have you locked in with the latest video game music, soundtracks, and remixes on our video game radio station!

5/28/21 - Hello everyone, just another quick update. Next week, our first newsletter will be emailed out on the first of June. Make sure to check your spam folders if the letter does not arrive! Also, you may subscribe down below if you want to recieve it as well.

The next thing is that we have started adding music and tunes from newer games into our mixes like we promised. If you have suggestions always shoot us an email and we will respond to your request!

5/14/21 - Another week, another update. First of all our schedule was once again updated yesterday and includes new tracks for the week. Going forward after this week, we will try to mix tracks for retro games and newer games in our schedule. If you have requests or recommendations feel free to contact us.

Lastly, if there are any problems regarding the player or the website in general please contact us right away and we'll look into it!

5/7/21 - Hello everyone! I just wanted to provide a quick update. First of all, our schedule has been updated for the coming week. It will mostly be variety/random songs on most days next week with Castlevania music being on Monday the 10th.

On a second note, our free chat room has been updated to the latest version and one last thing I want to mention is that our newsletters will begin going out in the beginning of June so keep an eye out in your email. Thanks for tuning in with us!

5/1/21 - Hello and welcome to the grand opening of Gamepad Music! We're a website commited to playing some of the greatest video game tunes and soundtracks. We also have a newsletter that you can sign up so you can keep track of what we're doing and stay updated!

Feel free to join our free chat room where we will have contests and other events in the future. You can check out our radio schedule below to see what we're going to be playing throughout the week. If you're on mobile, tap the current song name to bring out the player. Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our journey!